Upcoming Events for WCRT

There is always something going on with WCRT Chicago. Whether it's our monthly meetings, subgroup meetings, cashflow games, or wealth builder events, you are sure to find an event perfect for your needs.

Most events are free to check out, so stop on by and find out what WCRT Chicago has to offer. Find out why we believe in "success by association"

7pm at the Waterford Banquet Center at the Clarion Inn in Elmhurst, Illinois
Don't miss our next MAIN EVENT CELEBRATION
on the First Thursday of each month

The main monthly meeting of The WCRT consists of several key elements, each of which provide the benefit of helping members overcome fears, improve themselves, and learn relevant information to take action in order to achieve financial independence—Make Money!

Presentation/Workshop — Each month The WCRT brings in a featured guest to be interviewed, or present, and/or facilitate a workshop. When you participate you will get an opportunity to mine the gold from some fantastic business owners and investors. Over the years, WCRT members have heard from silent millionaires who live next door, high profile success stories, and everything in between.

Bring Your Burning Questions — We tap the mastermind to overcome key frustrations, and provide answers to members burning questions that very night which brings members to a place where they can take confident action in the direction of their goals that they didn't think they could take when they arrived that night.

Relationship Building — This is where the formal meeting ends, and the networking begins. Members often stick around for hours, talking and expanding our contacts long into the night.

WCRT Subgroups

If you are not able to wait until the next monthly WCRT meeting, check out one of the subgroups. For all sub groups, your FIRST visit is free of charge! Please visit our Facebook Page for late minute updates. Cancellations will also be posted on the forum.

Throughout the month, WCRT members meet in a variety of locations in various subgroups each with its own purpose, or focus. New subgroups are springing up all the time all over the greater Chicagoland area.

Join Our Cashflow Day Games

The WCRT strongly endorses Cashflow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki. To that end, we have set up the 2nd Saturday of each month as CASHFLOW DAY! Please join us at one of the following locations at 9:30am to learn how to invest in a game. If you have your own Cashflow game, we encourage you to bring it to allow for as much participation as possible. If you don't have one, just bring yourself and your willingness to learn!

Wealth Builder - Where to Start

WCRT will occassionally hold a special event we call Wealth Builders. It is open to both members and non-members and specializes in how to get started doing the NICHE you choose, not what fits some guru's idea of selling you their products.

The next Wealth Builders event is set for May 21, 2016. To ensure the focused and personal approach of the WCRT, this event is limited to just 25 attendees. That is it. The room is booked and we won't change it, nor can we move the walls to fit more in.

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Non-member tickets $249

WCRT Member tickets $199